Sun Jan 22 13:55:57 PST 2017 Hi! I gathered some of the links we've been talking about... Way too many links. I don't understand it all :-) ================================

Irreproducible Research

---- "Why Most Published Research Findings Are False" 2005 ariticle by Ioannidis ---- "Irreproducible biology research costs put at $28 billion per year" 2015 article ---- "Amgen Irreproducibility: can only reproduce 6 of 53 landmark articles in cancer research" Feb 2016 artile Alberts (UCSF) F1000Research journal ================================

physics and machine learning

"machine learning and likelihood free inference in particle physics" presentation on how to find patterns in very complex data ================================

discrete math

"wolfram on Solomon Golumb, shift registers, polymonimals on finite fields" The Most-Used Mathematical Algorithm Idea in History "Finite (Galois) Fields" As usual, wikipedia has a nice first-sentence description. Applications in crytography, coding theory, ... Your course will cover crypto it seems, cool! Wolfram also interesting. ================================

Tensegrity Cool 3d space structures. ================================